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My name is Mario and i'm a twenty-nine years old web designer based in Rome with over 4 years of freelance and studio experiences.

I'm a graduate of an comunication/marketing university and an web design and programming school. I've been studying for 15 years and i'm not going to stop.

My main purpose is to help you grow your business focusing on web visibility and reputation. I always strive to trasform every information into the rights colors and images. I get satisfaction when i solve problem for my clients, no matter what challenge it is.

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I'm currently studying to specialize in Web interactive design and Ui experience. I spend a lot of my time studying and improving my skills in order to offer always the best user experience. I love creating an clean, attractive, accessible and usable websites using the latest web standards.

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • UX

  • Seo / Sem


I work hard to find always the best marketing plans that meet all clients business objectives.


I provide all the visual elements that makes customers confident about products.


I develop and transform informations in an clean and cutting-edge layout for websites .


Developing web applications using .NET and Angular.js is the best part of my job.

What they said

about my job

I was so exited to work with Mario and all of my expetation were true. Great job and reliable person.

Alessandro Palmigiani

The collaboration with Mario was a amazing work experience. He is skillful and specialist in his job.

Giacomo Bevanati

Latest works

a selection of my projects

Jacob Jewels

Worpress theme, Responsive design, Marketing strategy, Seo, Brand building.

Origami Management

Logo, Worpress theme, Responsive design, Marketing strategy, Seo, Brand building.


Web graphic design, Photo editing, Social media marketing.

Silvia Moretta Web Lab

Worpress theme, Responsive design, Marketing strategy, Seo, Brand building.

GMG Production Agency

Worpress theme, Responsive design, Web Development.

Alessandro Palmigiani

Web graphic design, Photo, web development, Wordpress theme.

Salvina Raniolo

Web development, Wordpress theme.
Work made as part of Aritmos Srl team.

Valeria Bonalume

Web graphic design, Web development.

Renault Dealer

Web development, Comunication campaign, marketing analysis, Digital Strategy

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